Getting Social

Yeah! I completed my first 100 products on Zazzle! I set up social media websites on facebook, twitter and pinterest! And I started using Polyvore as a way to promote my products (Bonus: It’s totally fun mixing and matching outfits.) Now comes the hard part, gathering a social media following. The traditional advice is pester your already existing friend list and ask them to follow and promote you. But what do you do when your friends are more show then tell? In this world full of home party entrepreneurs and fly-by-night business plans, I’m finding it easier to convince strangers to like me than friends. So here’s what I’ve done so far.

1. Focus on a few sites at a time. Like I mentioned I started a facebook, twitter, pinterest and polyvore. Yes I put my name on a few others but these few are my focus for right now.
2. Search for people like you. I typed in zazzle and print-on-demand in the search bar for each of my social media sites and found several groups, including the Zazzle website.
3.Join 1 or 2 groups. It’s tempting to join them all but a strong following in a few groups is better then a weak signal in many.
4.Be a little too friendly. If someone likes you, like them back. Thank them for liking you, follow their posts, check on their homepage to see if they are on other social media platforms and search them out there as well. This is about being social after all.
5.Be patient. This one is the hardest. In a world filled with instant gratification it’s hard to think that it may take years to gain a social media following. But don’t give up and don’t get down. You are the new kid in a very large school, you’re going to need time to find your stride.

If you have any advice on how to gain a social media following, please leave it in the comments. Also if you would like to be part of my social media following please follow the links on my homepage. I look forward to being part of your network.


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